Spacebar is a heart-pounding, live-improvised sound-, light-, and 3D-projection- performance.

A simple set of acoustic drums is captured by microphones and run through real-time effects in ways never done before.

The individual sounds trigger multiple LED lights in unique ways that vibrantly convey the real-time, improvised nature of the performance.

Additionally, the sound from each part of the drum set can influence specially programmed 3D-geometry, creating a surreal dance of shapes and colors projected on a large screen.

The result is a visceral, tightly interwoven multimedia experience. Every performance offers unique reincarnations of each audio-visual composition, shaped in real time by sticks hitting drums, cymbals, bells, and other percussion.

The realization of this project required years of work on optimizing hard- and software components, and developing a new approach to creating music with drums. The technological challenges required the building of custom laptops and pieces of software.

To pull this off I spent years conceiving, developing and tweaking a custom setup of controllers, signal routing, and software that now feels like its own instrument.

Software is comprised of MTPro, Ableton Live, and MaxforLive devices for audio, LEDs, and 3D visual generation.





the following 3 are some older clips: