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Max’s Tips & Tricks for Midi Translator

Midi Translator is a unique virtual switchboard for MIDI messages, as well as a powerful and flexible programming environment for complex routing functions and executions.

MTPro: how to invert controller behavior

This is simple math, but worth sharing because of its usefulness. If you ever have to have a controller behave in the opposite way of how it does by default, you can achieve this with a very simple equation: On the rules-tab of the translator in question create an “expression” rule. Using “pp” as the […]

MTPro: The “value-scaling fix”

This little trick takes care of a limitation with Ableton Live’s value-scaling option for midi take-over mode. Here’s the problem in a nutshell: When “value-scaling” is selected in Live’s midi preferences, single-value control change messages will not always affect the targeted parameter (depending on its current state) or at least not to the desired setting. […]