MTPro: The “value-scaling fix”

This little trick takes care of a limitation with Ableton Live’s value-scaling option for midi take-over mode.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell: When “value-scaling” is selected in Live’s midi preferences, single-value control change messages will not always affect the targeted parameter (depending on its current state) or at least not to the desired setting. For example, if you have a button on a controller that sends a cc-message to set a filter-frequency to a particular Hz-value, Live’s value-scaling function will “scale” the incoming value depending on its distance from the current value of the target parameter. This is perfect for use on a volume fader, it can however be a nuisance with targeted single values.

So what to do when you need value-scaling as your take-over mode?

The solution I found involves having two duplicates precede the affected translator in MTPro, the first one sending a value of “00” (0), the second one of “7F” (127). These two are then followed by the targeted value, say “3F” (64).
The two preceding translators will have the effect of a “reset” on the value-scaling function, allowing the targeted parameter in Ableton Live to respond precisely to the third value, in this example 64.

So just copy the translator in question twice, move the two copies ahead of it, and change the outgoing message values to “00” and “7F” respectively. Example:

Translator 1:  outgoing message:  B0 2F 00
Translator 2:  outgoing message:  B0 2F 7F
Translator 3:  outgoing message:  B0 2F 3F  (<– target value)

This does multiply the amount of translators affected by three, but don’t worry, it’ll have no effect on performance. It might just be adding a bit to the visual clutter, but considering what a huge relief this was to a long headache, I am more than happy to add a few lines to my presets.

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