Advancing Drumming

(from the Preface of my book)

A New Coordination

Sometimes, control and coordination on the drum set are thought of as independence. But independence is a misnomer when it comes to coordination, almost the opposite is true. Rather than making our limbs independent from each other, we train them to move together or in relation to each other, what I would call interdependence. Ultimately, our four limbs become united and connected in our playing. Our playing becomes one expression, one combined motion, one sound. The same approach is used in this book. [Chordal Drumming]

The art and craft of playing the drum set, as well as its vocabulary, have continued to evolve and grow since the inception of the instrument, almost a century ago. Drummers repeatedly push the boundaries and search for new sounds and new ways of playing time and of expressing themselves. In terms of speed, there is a physical limit past which we will not get. But besides the function of time-keeping, learning to play the drum set still mainly presents a challenge of coordination.

It is in new ways of coordination then, that drumming can be much further explored. Learning sequences of four-limb coordination is not as much a physical challenge as it is a puzzle for the body and mind, to be solved through repetition.
To play a simple rock groove with eighth-notes on the hi-hat, most would agree, is easy. Now, if the same hi-hat pattern is moved over by one sixteenth- note, all of a sudden it’s harder. Or is it? Physically, there is no reason why it should be. We just aren’t used to it. But it takes more time to learn how to “hear” the things that we aren’t already doing or that we aren’t hearing all around us constantly.

Chordal Drumming can be seen as a counterpart to linear drumming and is borne out of my search for new tools of expression, initially inspired by some of my favorite drummers. But it offers far more than a transcription of my ideas. Instead, the chordal method presents at once a structure of concrete patterns for literal study and a system that can be and should be used as a tool for further exploring new ways of coordination.

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