I am a German-born professional musician who grew up as a violinist surrounded by classical music. At age 12 I found an old Sonor drumset in my uncle's attic, and that discovery has determined my direction in life ever since. After having completed my degree in Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas I found Dallas to be a great environment to develop creative ideas while making music my life and living.

I am passionate about drums and music.
For the past year, my main focus has been a project I call "Spacebar", bringing together my love for both performing and computers. It pushes the envelope technologically and would definitely not have been possible even five years ago. For details on this project, go here.

In an effort to organize ideas for a unique type of four-limb coordination, I ended up writing my own method book for the drumset called Chordal Drumming.

I also love sequencing and writing and have done commercial work, but my priority has remained the performance of music and the refinement of my playing.

I keep a busy playing schedule in the Dallas area.